STRONG Athletes of the Month


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What is STRONG?


Stay present

Take detailed notes

Raise your hand to ask insightful questions and repeat what you heard

On-time, on task (on point), optimistic

Never disturb a learning environment

Get physical or emotional control in .25 seconds

"At Einstein Schools, STRONG is

a way of life, not simply a set of rules.

We believe that participation in sports and

extracurricular fosters STRONG and resilient youth."

-Michael McKenzie, CEO

Our Schools

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Sherwood Forest

4801 Maid Marion

New Orleans, La 70128

Tel: 504.503.0110

Village de l'Est

5100 Cannes St.

New Orleans, La 70129

Tel: 504.324.7450

Einstein Charter Middle School

5316 Michoud Blvd

New Orleans, La 70129

Tel: 504.503.0470

Sarah T. Reed

5316 Michoud Blvd

New Orleans, La 70129

Tel: 504.503.0749

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