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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Sarah T. Reed Athletics.


Sarah T. Reed recognizes the significant role that Athletics play in obtaining or even contributing to a collegiate education, so welcome all students to participate in our Athletics Program. Sarah T. Reed is a proud member of the  LHSAA, and our membership consists of 10 varsity team sports. Moreover, our network has 8 middle school sports, and 5 elementary school sports. Our joint focus on Education and Athletics formulated our mission, which is to nurture students into becoming academically STRONG as well as socially and emotionally resilient. We do this by not only allowing students to learn and master different sports, but also by utilizing optimistic approaches to learning. With that being said, our primary concern is the education of student-athletes.


However, playing sports is an excellent way to grow emotionally as a young individual—I know so, personally. As a former high school and collegiate athlete, sports played a major role in helping to prepare me for college and for the real world. It also helped to mold me into the man before you today. My participation in sports programs helped me to develop skills in time management, problem-solving, and team building. Therefore, we expect all who participate in our sports program to, not only excel on the field, but also off the field as well.


The Sarah T. Reed Athletic Department’s motto is “The Power is in the Pride.” This means an Olympian Athlete possesses an inherent power that comes from personal growth through academic work, team experiences, and as an ambassador of our entire network. We hope that you will take full advantage of this awesome opportunity to get a premier education, and participate in our Athletic Programs, which will enable a student-athlete to compete successfully at all levels (State, Regional, & District).


I am excited to be a part of the rich tradition of Sarah T. Reed Athletics and look forward to leading our student-athletes & supporting our community.


Olympian STRONG,


Rodney McDonald

Athletic Director

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The Mission of Einstein Schools is to nurture students to be academically STRONG as well as socially and emotionally resilient.

Athletic Team

Rodney McDonald

Athletic Director & Head High School Basketball Coach:


Ethridge Foster

Assistant Athletic Director & Head

Middle School Football Coach: